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Light your fire with Logs R Us

There is nothing more satisfying or enjoyable than snuggling up in front of a warm fire, especially when you have built it yourself.

We want you to be able to get the best out of our hardwood logs. By following the five simple steps below, in no time at all you will create a wonderful, roaring fire that demands nothing more than for you to sit back, relax and enjoy.

For safety and efficiency:

  • Do not overload your fire with logs, as too many may smother your fire.
  • For log burners it is recommended that you do not load your firewood above the log guard.

How to light your fire

1. Before you begin

Make sure you have a good supply of hardwood logs, kindling and newspaper - rolled and tied into pretzel like knots. Also, don’t forget the matches!

2. Prepare your wood burner/fireplace

Open the air controls or flue, in order to ensure your fire gets the air supply it needs to establish itself properly.

3. Create a fire bed

Before logs are used, a successful fire initially requires a hot bed to warm the chimney and aid flue performance.

To create your fire bed, start by placing your wood kindling and knotted paper together onto the grate. For log burners note the position of the log guard and ensure all materials are kept well within the edges.

4. Lighting the fire

Light the paper and wait for the kindling to start burning vigorously.

For log burners, leave the door slightly open as this will assist in lighting the fire and will avoid condensation building up on the inside of the glass.

5. Add your logs

Once the kindling is burning well, you can now add your logs to create a stable fire bed. Ensure there are at least two logs on top of the fire bed to sustain the heat output.

6. Enjoy!

Now your fire is established, you can close the door to your log burner or just sit back and enjoy your handy work. It is as simple as that!

Logs R Us