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About Our Barn Stored Hardwood Logs

We can also supply kiln dried logs

Why we season our logs

Freshly cut wood can contain up to 45% water. However by dry storing and seasoning our wood for a minimum of 12-15 months, this ensures that our logs contain approximately just 20% moisture content by the time you buy from us.

Giving you perfectly seasoned logs that help to:

  • Create beautiful, longer lasting fires
    (see our tips on lighting your log fire)
  • Provide excellent heat output
  • Produce very little smoke
  • Have a more efficient burn time

Our barn stored hardwood logs are cut and split between 8"-10". This is perfect for log burners, Agas, open fires, fire pits, chimineas etc.

Our single loads of logs are approximately 1 cubic metre, loose filled.

To help you get your log fire started, we also supply nets of clean kindling.

Sustainable logs for a sustainable environment

Interesting fact:

Saplings, which are planted to replace the felled trees, absorb CO2 emitted by burning logs, meaning this sustainable resource has a zero carbon footprint.

We supply hardwood logs and kindling from high quality varieties such as Ash, Beech and Silver Birch, as they tend to grow slower and typically have less moisture than other types of wood – which means your logs will burn over a longer period of time.

Our hardwood logs for sale are responsibly sourced from sustainable, locally managed estates where the trees are carefully felled during the winter months, reducing any disturbance to wildlife and their young. Saplings are then planted to replace those that are cut down for fuel.

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